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Clinical Diagnostic and Research Tool (CDRT)

Clinical health consultations, notes and observations are the lynch pin record of patient interaction. The conversion of this information is prone to error or misintepretation due to the hand written nature of patient observations and the subsequent transcription activity.

Determining an accurate and meaningful diagnostic is further limited due to the often restricted scope or ability to reference suitable reference materials . Individual clinicians knowledge of reference materials is a process of trial, peer to peer advice , and so may not be exhaustive or complete.

The Clinical Diagnostic Research Tool (CDRT) supports the collection of observational data by closely following the existing processes used by Clinicians. Allowing for multiple input types, CDRT can effectively replace the need for paper records and ensure that any data collected is sound. Since the format of the collection tool is standardised, review and audit processes are also accelerated.

clinical1 clinical2

clinical1 clinical2

CDRT is designed to provide a robust Research Methodology using aggregated, high quality, peer identified information sources. Taking the provided observational data, the Clinician is assisted in the process of diagnosis through the use of deductive formulation. These formulations can then be used to search the aggregated information sources. This process is enhanced by way of an ontological model which builds an environmental understanding of Clinician activity through observation of frequency, proximity and preference.

Clinicians are also able to engage in collaboration with peers through sharing of consultations and formulations, with Clinician details (profile details, formulation details) being included within search returns when similarities exist in diagnosis.

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Digital Learning & Training

The Loft Group has developed an enterprise grade mobile content delivery platform for education and training. The training application enables companies such as L'Oreal to deliver sales and product training to their entire national salon network, retail stores, staff and clients. Development of the training application commenced with Kerastase in 2011 and rolled out across Australia and New Zealand for use in L'Oreal and Kerastase academies in 2012.

The application is developed and accessed simply as an 'app' on Tablet and Smartphone (iOS, Android, Windows) and has delivered product training to over 12,500 salon professionals annually throughout AU/NZ.

Loreal1 Loreal2

Loreal1 Loreal2

Loft Group has identified the need for a software application upon which an individual can engage with content through self-organised educational models, benefit from proven social collaboration and be encouraged through the sharing of their efforts with industry professional mentors and peer groups. The purpose of this tool is to assemble the large concepts of training and make them more accessible and consumable by the individual.

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Training Organisation Administration Hub

Administration Hub

Our E-learning platform to assist Vocational Training Organizations (VTO's) and Registered Training Organizations (RTO's) to efficiently manage student administration and business operations in order to comply with recently introduced mandatory Government funded activity and reporting standards coming into effect in Australia in January 2015.

Our Solution

  • A comprehensive Training Organisation Administration Hub that assists RTO's to manage student administration and business operations across
  • Enrolment
  • Course & Module Learning Management
  • Student Management
  • Timetables and Scheduling
  • Assessment and Evidence – teach and test, student work submissions, educator/trainer assessments all on-line
  • Student, Trainer and Management Access, View and workflow actions
  • Document & Forms Management
  • Compliance & Reporting to VET standards
  • Cloud Based App Based Tool – Real Time access any time, In any locations
  • Secure, proven Training Organisation Administration Hub
  • VET FEE Help Student Loan Module
  • Course Fee Payment Calculator

Organization-1 Organization-2 Organization-3

Our Training Organisation Administration Hub solves major issues for RTO's/VTO's in Australia by reducing the student and training partner administration, simplifying activity and evidence based reporting required to secure training guarantee funding from Australian State and Federal governments.

Other e-learning tools in the market cannot meet these key administration and business operations needs.

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learningtools-1 learningtools-3

Benefits to the RTO/VTO

  • Secure access anytime, anywhere through the web
  • Enhances and streamlines processes
  • Improves administration though workflow automation
  • Provides real time information to support business decisions
  • Efficient information delivery
  • Reduced rework and error
  • Automated app-based enrolment and forms
  • Reduced Re-work and error – student fee calculations, loan calculations, student enrolments

Compliance Benefits

  • Manages compliance across State and Federal Legislation
  • Simplifies compliance process
  • Real time reporting
  • Improves auditing processes
  • Reduces risk of student or training partner fraud

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Process Integration & Assest Management

Our Process integration tool delivers a simple and effective data collection and reporting for the management of quality processes in Project management. Existing process can be enhanced with a structure of digital equivalents to auditing and reporting documentation.

Our tool can be applied effectively at any point in a company's work practice to provide transparency of information at site management, project management and business owner scale.

integration1 integration2 integration3

Projects are designed to be the boundaries between data collected, with a set of applicable WorkPacks (collections of associated Forms used to complete a process and resources assigned to it.)

Our tool is a context aware application, allowing a standalone contractor to use the application for their own data collection and quality control needs, while also allow the same contractor to receive assigned Projects and WorkPacks from an approved project manager in the same interface. All data is segregated by the respective business owner.

All executed Forms and generated Issues will seamlessly synchronize with your master project database for single point control of all your data when in range of suitable communications. Data is stored locally and then pushed to a core database when connectivity is available.

Reporting and Dashboards are made available by mobile device and web interface and provide a traditional monitoring aggregation of collected data. Further benefits can be achieved by using comprehensive enquiry tools to generate composites of data from each level.

process1 process2

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