About Us

About Us

The Loft Group was established in 2007 by three brothers, who returned from an overseas trip to America with a vision for a better world. They saw a loft in every Australian home, solving problems most homeowners didn’t know they had – lack of space, and not enough verticality.

Today the company is much bigger, with four full-time employees (and the office dog, of course!).

Teddy Grenar – CEO

The oldest of the three Founding Brothers (and so CEO by default), Teddy has decades of experience in the construction industry and has built countless homes across Australia and the U.S.A. He has a lovely wife, Theresa, and three kids – all of whom love spending time in their family tree house!

Leo Grenar – CFO

Leo is the middle Grenar child (or Brother’s Loft, as they’re humorously known on the floor!) and initially went to America to get a degree in Business Management from a prestigious Ivy League institution. When he returned from his studies to find that his brothers had developed the perfect business idea, they immediately jumped on it – and that’s how The Loft Group was born. Leo is Rusty’s owner.

Theresa Grenar – Foreman

Theresa is Teddy’s wife and business partner, and a world-class construction foreman. She’s responsible for the day-to-day operations of the company, making sure all of the workers and materials are available for each job as they roll around in the schedule. She cracks a mean whip – and makes an even meaner cocktail at the company Christmas party!

Sammy Grenar

Sammy is the youngest Loft Brother, but arguably the most passionate about the loft business. While he mainly works as a labourer for the company, sizing and installing custom lofts for homes across the nation, he also brings a lot to the spiritual needs of the company – it’s Sammy who performs our famous New Loft Blessing, of course, and it’s likely he’s the reason we’ve yet to have an accident on the job!

Rusty – Good Boy

Rusty is the Loft Office dog – and he’s the bestest boy around! Owned by Leo, Rusty is more a part of the family than a pet (and is our secret weapon in any client meeting!). A fun fact about Rusty: he’s desperately scared of heights! Go figure!