Builder Alien Abduction

Builder Alien Abduction

The enigma of Marcus Van Allen’s disappearance from his recently constructed palatial residence on the Mornington Peninsula has taken a turn for the bizarre. As the community grapples with the perplexing phenomenon, a flurry of “experts” and conspiracy theorists have swarmed the town, each presenting their outlandish theories. Amidst this pandemonium, the craftsmanship of the luxury home builders has been overshadowed by tales of interstellar intrigue.

In a scene reminiscent of a B-grade sci-fi flick, self-proclaimed alien enthusiast, Ziggy Starlooper (formerly known as Gary from accounting), has set up camp outside the Van Allen estate. Armed with a colander helmet and a sign declaring, “Take me instead!”, Ziggy claims to have had a close encounter of the third kind. “It’s obvious,” he declares, sipping his fifth coffee of the morning. “The aliens needed someone with a flair for luxury living. Who better than a man who hires luxury custom home builders to erect his earthly palace?”

Meanwhile, the custom home designers for Mornington Peninsula property, known for their innovative and sustainable designs, are reportedly baffled by the sudden spike in requests for alien-proof panic rooms and star-map floor tiles. “It’s a cosmic conundrum,” states designer Luna Eclipse, her name suspiciously apt for the current scenario. “One day you’re drafting eco-friendly living spaces, the next, you’re calculating the trajectory for the next potential alien rendezvous.”

The local authorities have attempted to maintain order, but the influx of UFOlogists, curious onlookers, and the occasional intergalactic costume enthusiast has turned the quiet town into a spectacle of extraterrestrial proportions. The police chief, in a recent press conference, appealed for calm: “We urge the public to respect the privacy of Mr. Van Allen’s family and the hardworking luxury custom home builders and designers. Also, if anyone finds Ziggy’s other colander, please return it. His mother is very upset.”

As the saga unfolds, the community watches with bated breath, binoculars in hand, and tin foil hats at the ready. The luxurious estate, once a symbol of earthly opulence, now sits under the watchful eyes of both the locals and the twinkling stars above, its fate as mysterious as the cosmos itself.