An aluminium battler

An aluminium battler


Hi! I’m Jack. I’m a true blue Aussie battler who loves nothing more than heading on a journey to the outback and living a life full of adventure. There’s something about the wild and rugged terrain of this country that I find really exciting. 

As an experienced traveller, I know all about the importance of having reliable equipment, my ute being one of the most important. I’ve always relied on my trusty 4×4 ute to get me wherever I need to go. I love this vehicle as it’s great for combatting any terrain. Going over hilly areas, and deep sand dunes, makes me feel like I’m in a monster truck and that I’m untouchable.

I’m thinking about adding durable 4×4 aluminium ute canopies to the back of my vehicle. After speaking to a mate of mine who also loves the great outdoors, I learned some great tips that will make adventuring even more enjoyable. He explained that he recently invested in a top of the line ute canopy so he could have a secure and sturdy place to store all his supplies and possessions.

After some brief moments of thought, I thought it was time for me to also get a ute canopy. It seemed like an absolute no brainer. I wasn’t prepared to just stop there. I decided I was prepared to splash out some money on the whole shebang. There are some high quality ute trays for sale in Melbourne at the moment, so I figured it’d be silly of me to not snap up this offer. There was no point getting a canopy installed, if I wasn’t entirely happy with the existing ute tray. 

I managed to successfully find an aluminium workshop that would design the tray and the canopy to specifically fit the site and needs of my vehicle. Upon driving out of the workshop, I caught a glimpse of my vehicle in the reflection of a window. Not only did I now have all this extra storage space, my vehicle’s appearance was elevated.