Behavioural optometrist solutions

Behavioural optometrist solutions

As a mother, it was hard watching my son struggle with his homework. He was a bright ten-year-old, but he had trouble interpreting the information he was reading. I didn’t know if it was because of his vision or his comprehension skills, but I knew something wasn’t right. My husband and I both had perfect vision, so I couldn’t figure out what was wrong. It was heartbreaking to see my son lack confidence in himself.

I decided to do some research on my son’s symptoms, but I wasn’t able to find much helpful information. Instead, I booked an appointment with the highest rated behavioural optometrist near me. We lived in a small town, so there weren’t many options. However, we were lucky enough to find an optometrist who specialises in vision therapy.

The optometrist asked my son a series of questions and performed several tests to evaluate his visual processing and perception skills. Within minutes, the optometrist was able to determine the problem.

It turned out that my son was having difficulty with visual perception, which was affecting his ability to interpret information accurately. His eyesight was perfectly fine, but his brain was struggling to process what he was seeing. It all made sense now.

The optometrist recommended a series of vision therapy sessions that would help my son’s brain learn to process information more efficiently. The sessions would include a combination of exercises and activities that would help my son’s brain learn to interpret visual information correctly. I’m glad we decided to go to such a good optometrist. Bayside has many optometrists, but we found the best.

I’ll never forget the day my son proudly showed me his homework without any mistakes. I could see the pride on his face, and I knew how hard he had worked to get there. It was incredible to see how much his perception skills improved with each session. Thanks to the optometrist’s expertise and guidance, my son was able to overcome his visual perception difficulties and gain confidence in himself.