Discussing Tattoo Plans

Discussing Tattoo Plans

“You think you’re ready to get one?” my brother asked. 

He got his first tattoo last Saturday and now thinks he is some sort of expert on getting inked. Over the years I’ve told him about my tattoo plans, but I am yet to commit to any. Plus, I’m a little bit scared of the pain. Admittedly, I am a total fainter when it comes to needles. My brother is also a fainter, but now she thinks he’s some sort of tough guy. You should see him now! Strutting around with a sleeve always rolled up – it’s quite annoying.

“I am ready, it’s just a matter of when,” I said.

“Bro, you just gotta go for it. Gotta go for it bro,” he replied.

It’s a bit rich he’s saying all this when he only got a tattoo because all his mates were getting one. In fairness, his tattoo does look great. It was done by Brisbane’s best-rated tattoo artist. The quality really does show in the work they’ve done. The colours are so vibrant but also nicely blended. My brother has a section in his tattoo that is a sunset. The artist has done such lovely transitions between the colours. 

“Do you think you’ll get any more?” I asked my brother.

“No doubt about it! I’m hooked,” he replied.

He spent the next ten minutes tapping different areas of his body that he now likes to call ‘a future canvas’. He’s now thinking about getting a leg tattoo, another arm tattoo, a forearm tattoo, and even a back tattoo. I, on the other hand, don’t think I could ever become as obsessed as he is in getting tattooed. I’m very specific in what tattoos I want and need to find a Japanese tattooist. Brisbane might have many artists, but I’m not sure how many do Japanese tattoos. My brother mentioned that there was an artist at this studio who specialises in Japanese artwork. I think I might pop by one day to have a chat and arrange a consultation.