Marketing Video Check

Marketing Video Check

‘Walk with me,’ I said briskly, within earshot of three people who all half-rose out of their seats as I strode past. I grinned to myself as they tagged nervously along for half a step before realising that I was actually talking to the new guy.

He, to his credit, didn’t doubt for a second that it was him I wanted to speak with, and followed me dutifully.

‘Boss?’ he asked, curious.

I want a status update on this… project of yours,’ I said, stepping aside to let a file-carrying intern sweep past. ‘Have you found one yet?’

‘A video production company near Melbourne that specialises in corporate video?’ he asked, eyebrow raised. ‘Yeah, a couple. But not the perfect one. Not yet.’

‘Time is ticking, son,’ I said to him, letting a touch of menace seep into my tone. ‘Your month is almost up.’

‘I’m not concerned.’ He shrugged nonchalantly, and I was struck with the sudden impression that this man was an incredibly good poker player.

‘Do you know what happens if we don’t get this marketing video production project off the ground by the end of the month?’ I asked him.

‘I’m assuming you fire me,’ he said, looking for all the world like he was suppressing a yawn. ‘Or some other such threat.’

‘Oh, no, no,’ I shook my head. ‘I don’t fire the people who disappoint me. I make them unhireable. See the difference?’

‘You’ll forgive me, sir,’ he said, a grin twitching at the corner of his mouth, ‘but it wasn’t your penchant for subtlety that got you this top job.’

I actually let out a stunned laugh – I couldn’t remember the last time somebody had spoken to me like that.

‘Well, well,’ I chuckled. ‘You’ve got guts, kid, I’ll give you that. Guts will get you far in this business – but not as far as results. Make sure this plane lands, or…’

‘Or find a new plane,’ he said. ‘Or new runway. I’m confused by the metaphor.’

‘Get it done,’ I growled, stalking away.