Repairing the Garden

Repairing the Garden

It turned out that there were no rose seeds in the garden shed, much to Hop’s dismay. Although the lazy, aristocratic part of them wanted nothing more than to give up and waste the entire day playing video games, Hop figured that it would be best to keep up appearances, otherwise the crew might start to suspect something.

And so, Hop took a shower to wash off all the ash and prepared for a long day ahead of trying to work out where the heck one could buy rose seeds in New Melbourne. They had briefly searched online for a flower shop that offered same-day delivery, but it turned out that the one that could only had David Austin roses in stock. They distinctly remembered Iris going on about how everyone thought David Austin’s were the best kind of rose, but they lacked something that other rose types had. So Hop figured that probably wasn’t the best option.

After deciding that they wouldn’t find somewhere to buy seeds online that could deliver almost instantly, Hop began searching for a physical store to visit in New Melbourne. Finding one not too far away, Hop headed for the car and started on their newest adventure: going to a physical store for the first time.

As they drove through the quiet streets on the outskirts of New Melbourne, Hop wondered what it would be like there. They assumed it was as simple as stepping inside, telling the servants there what you wanted and then exercising a bit of patience until they brought the item to you. Maybe they would even come out to the car and ask what you needed so you didn’t have to leave its warmth at all. 

Either way, they definitely expected the business to bend over backwards to make the experience as easy and simple as possible. No doubt Hop would be back at the house, planting seeds collected by a shop servant, in absolutely no time at all.