Secret Office Expansion

Secret Office Expansion

As you know, our little retail business started in one of our parents’ garages ten years ago. We were a bunch of teenagers who had no plans but big dreams. The thing is, without you guys, it would not have been possible. When you have a business, it’s so easy to feel like giving up and quitting. 

Sadly over time, people change. As people grow older, their accomplishments start to affect them in different ways. This is why I feel I need to mention recent communications that have been sent out. Two of the girls revealed news that we will be updating our office. As the business has gotten bigger, we are no longer selling soaps out of a garage. We have a multi-departmental office.

Personally, I wanted to surprise you all with the news of our updated commercial office design. Melbourne is a very trendy city, and I wanted to reveal our plans with a huge event where we could invite many of our soap customers to the new office for a huge product launch. Unbeknownst to me, two of the girls decided to simply go ahead with their own communications. I admit, their letter to you all was lovely, but it did hurt that they chose to do this without my knowledge.

I hate to say this, but I don’t know if I want to continue in the soap-making business. We’ve built a great empire with wholesome principles, but I hate seeing business come between friendships that have spanned multiple decades. As a friend, I will help find the best office space design specialists in Melbourne, but as far as a business relationship goes, I think it’s best I step out. I’m not sure if I want to dedicate my life to the soap industry anymore. I think I want to expand into skincare. Of course, these are just thoughts, so who knows where I’ll end up.

All I ask for right now is that you keep supporting the other girls no matter what happens. They’re hard-working girls who have built this business out of love.