Shoulder Pain Procedure

Shoulder Pain Procedure









Well, I never thought that silly old me would be posting on one of these internet sites! My grandson helped me find it and type out this first email! He’s shaking his head – this isn’t an email? Oh, that’s Jason by the way, everybody. Say hello Jason!

         What do you mean they can’t hear or see us? Isn’t that the point of the internet?

         In any case, I was just hoping to post a quick story and update regarding my little shoulder injury that I received after my slight slip just a few days ago. My whole arm began to hurt something dreadful, this awful deep ache, so I found a shoulder injury specialist in Melbourne who could slot me in to have a look. She told me it was an issue with my rotator cuff, would you believe it! Like I was some kind of whipper-snap football player! But apparently rotator cuff injuries are quite common in people over 60 – I know! Another insult! From a shoulder and elbow injury expert, no less!

         Once I set her straight on just how old I was (none of her business!) she explained the procedure I would have to go through in order to lessen the pain in my shoulder, long-term – something she called a shoulder arthroscopy? It’s a… let me check my notes, I wrote it all down… a minimally-invasive procedure, using a keyhole… oh, that’s what arthroscope means! It’s a keyhole surgery! Oh, why can’t these silly doctors say that!

If you’re like me (and I know that a lot of you are!), you may be wondering – how does a shoulder arthroscopy help with shoulder pain? She explained that too, my miracle worker!

(Yes, I’ve decided that I like my doctor now, once she stopped insulting my age!)

They go in through that fun keyhole, and they clear out all of the inflamed tissue and bone spurs (yuck!) that are causing the discomfort in the rotator cuff, and then they get rid of all the sticky scar tissue that’s built up! It’s remarkable!

I’ll be back with an update soon, ladies and gents – stay limber!