Ute Convention Conversion

Ute Convention Conversion

“This is really boring,” I said, looking at my friend who had dragged me along to the Melbourne Ute Convention. “Why did I agree to this?”

“Because you’re awesome and you didn’t want me to be the only girl at a convention full of manly dudes who love their utes.” Gretchen gazed across the convention hall. “You’re really not the least bit interested in all the different kinds of ute accessories?”

I shook my head and crossed my arms. I’d never really been a car person. “Sorry, it’s really not my cup of tea.”

“I knew I should have driven my ute here today. Maybe then you’d appreciate their beauty more.” She took my hand and dragged me forward, toward a large tent that was apparently for the best business for ute trays Melbourne had to offer.

Inside the tent, there was an image of a shiny new ute being projected onto the white wall. I didn’t know much about cars, but even I had to admit that it looked nice. Then the image changed, moving the slideshow along to reveal a ute packed with old furniture. My heart jumped, inspiration striking my brain like lightning.

“Hey, Gretch,” I said, clutching onto my friend’s shoulder. My knees wobbled, and I could barely stand at the thought that had entered my mind. “Could you use a ute to pick up things to turn into DIY projects?”

Gretchen smiled – there was almost a menacing hint to it. “Absolutely. You could even have a business that installs aluminium ute canopies upgrade your ute to keep your DIY projects safe on the road.”

“Oh, my,” I said, my body trembling. 

So many possibilities. This would take my DIY game to the next level. Think of all the supplies I could get from the hardware store! I’d finally be able to build the gaming table that Dolores always said I’d never actually do.

“I hate to admit this,” I whispered to Gretchen, “but I think I want to buy a ute.”