Window Frosting Plan

Window Frosting Plan

‘I can’t believe this!’ I kicked at a dented metal bin in the parking lot – clearly somebody had had a similar experience to us before. ‘I can’t believe they wouldn’t even listen to our proposal!’

         ‘It sucks,’ Larry confirmed with a sigh, sitting against the cold cement wall with his head in his hands. ‘That’s just business, I guess.’

         Screw business!’ I raged. ‘That was just… that was… that was rude!’

         ‘You’re not wrong,’ Larry said, placatively. ‘But getting angry won’t change anything.’

         ‘Let me be angry!’ I fumed at him, taking another swing at the bin. ‘I’m angry, okay! That sucked! They didn’t even have the courtesy of taking us up to their fancy office with their fancy commercial window tinting treatment or their fancy coffee machines that cost more than my rent!’

         ‘You live with your mother,’ Larry frowned.

         ‘And she charges me rent!’ I growled, laying into the stupid bin again. This time my aim was off, and my foot bounced off the reinforced lid. I let out a roar of pain and started hopping on one foot, cradling my injured toes.

         ‘Feel better?’ Larry asked, dryly.

         ‘Yes,’ I pouted, stubborn to the bitter end. ‘So, what’s the plan then, Mister Cool Genius?’

         ‘You think I’m cool?’ he smirked.

         ‘I meant temperamentally, and you know it,’ I scowled. ‘Now tell me what we’re going to do.’

         ‘There’s not much we can do,’ Larry shrugged. ‘We could try shopping it around to other places? Just look for a big corporate office building. Glass frosting costs around Melbourne are pretty high, so if we see any with that we know they’re probably worth our time.’

         ‘Really?’ I raised an eyebrow at him. ‘Glass frosting? That’s your big idea?’

         ‘Well, what’s your solution?’ he asked.

         ‘Right now? It involves a pipe, some wiring and a truckload of—’

         ‘Frosted glass windows it is.’ Larry chuckled, rising to his feet and snatching up his briefcase. ‘Mind if I come over for dinner tonight?’

         ‘Sure. Mum’s making meatloaf.’

         ‘My favourite!’