A late disturbance

A late disturbance

I swear I’m the lightest sleeper in the world. I always struggle getting to sleep and staying asleep. I guess my sleep struggles worked out well for my friend Dina. She’s not the best driver and has crashed every car she’s ever owned to the point they get written off. It was probably a lack of judgement on my behalf letting her use my car, but I just wanted to help her out as she’s been having a rough time lately.

Anyway, while I was in the early stages of sleep I could hear a weird knocking. I’d be lying if I said it didn’t make me jump. At first, I thought it was part of my dream, but then I realised it was on my bedroom window. I panicked for a moment but then recognised a pattern in the knocking. It was the same knock Dina and I used to do when we lived together.

I opened the window and exclaimed, ‘what’s wrong?’

Her eyes were red and puffy. 

‘I crashed your car.’

She then pulled herself up and crawled through my window. I tried to process for a moment what she’d told me. 

‘The brakes failed me’

I struggled to believe her. I recently took that car for a visit to a brake repair specialist near me. Moorabbin isn’t even a difficult place to drive around! It’s straight roads.

She told me she managed to at least get the car into my driveway. I wasn’t prepared to argue with my best friend at two in the morning. I grabbed some spare blankets and said to Dina that she could stay on the sofa bed for the night and we’d figure out what to do the following morning. 

It was hard to not be enraged the next morning. No one wants to spend their day off trying to find a car mechanic. Bentleigh wasn’t a far drive but it was still a hassle and was going to cost someone money. Dina has always struggled holding a job down and I’ve noticed she’s been very quiet about work lately.