Anniversary Like No Other

Anniversary Like No Other

Our relationship feels stronger with every year that passes, but I’ll tell you what, our recent anniversary was definitely testing our bond. It was nothing that either of us had done. In fact, it was something totally out of our hands. It was so hot. The weather was so hot that I could feel my body getting hotter and hotter with every passing second. Even when I glanced at my boyfriend I could see him wiping beads of sweat off his face. We should have gotten that log book service months ago. 

Our road trip was only two hours long, but by the time we got to the beach, we were absolutely dripping in sweat. I was so dehydrated and felt seconds away from fainting. The heat started to make us both quite snappy. We were irritated, constantly running out of bottles of water, and the sand was burning our feet. So much for a nice anniversary. 

We thought we’d drive to a nearby pizza shop to get something to eat and chill inside an air conditioned building. Of course it was shut. There was a piece of paper glued to the window that read ‘too hot to work in these conditions’. I initially felt furious. Why work in a damn pizza shop if you can’t handle the heat? During that particular moment, the heat clouded my judgement and I was not prepared to be a reasonable human. Looking back, working next to a pizza oven in this heat probably has its own risks. 

Then let’s not forget the stress associated with having something wrong with your car. Not only do we need to manage the drive back home in the heat, we also need to figure out where to get an air conditioning service in Moorabbin

We waited until night to drive home. There was no way we were going to drive in peak heat. It was truly unbearable and we would’ve gotten on each other’s nerves. Luckily there was a cool drop in the early evening and we were able to drive back without drowning in sweat.